“Not Dishwasher Safe” Doesn’t Mean Cheap

One of the inconvenient truths of life is that often beautiful things are delicate. Think of fine china. If we’re lucky, we can have something beautiful that we can use; like china. The balance is that even though we use the beautiful thing, we know we need to treat it delicately. We wouldn’t call fineContinue reading ““Not Dishwasher Safe” Doesn’t Mean Cheap”

From Dingy Basement To Studio

I LOVE renovating and repurposing! So when I decided to make my art studio in my basement, it was a forgone conclusion that I would use what I had unhand. As you can see from the photos, this is the most basement of basement rooms ever. I have exposed plumbing and radiator pipes overhead. TheContinue reading “From Dingy Basement To Studio”

Tackle Those Boxes of Photos

Today, let’s talk pictures! I know many people don’t bother printing pictures anymore but if you are of a certain age, maybe you’re like ma and you’re dedicated to having tangible pictures. Or you may have old pictures just sitting in boxes. I have at least 7 boxes of pictures in varying sizes. This weekend,Continue reading “Tackle Those Boxes of Photos”