ADHD Versus Migraine

The worse ADHD type of day for me is when I’m in pain but I can’t stop the urge to do things. 

I’ve been working on redecorating my bedroom for over a month. By redecorating, I mean a total overhaul that included demolishing a platform and building a bed. I wanted to buy a couch to put at the foot of my bed but I have been stalled because I don’t have money to buy one but also because I can’t decide on style.

I woke up with a TERRIBLE migraine. It hurt so bad I could barely open my eyes. My usual routine is to lie in the bad and read on my phone until I can get out of bed. When my migraine is at it’s worst, I can’t stand the thought of looking at my phone. I can’t stand the thought of thinking. I finally talked myself into moving. “If I don’t get out of bed and get this medication right now, I’m only going to feel worse and worse.” I got up, shuffled to the kitchen to get some water so I could take my pills.

I took some medicine and laid back down, applying pressure to my head to soothe it.

The second it lessened, not gone, but lessened- I had a moment of clarity. I thought of something that had not occurred to me since I started searching for a couch for my bedroom. I didn’t need to buy a couch; I have two armless chairs in my living room. I leaped out of bed and dragged the chairs through the house onto my bedroom. The chairs were covered in cat hair. I’m allergic to cats. This will only make my migraine worse but I can’t stop now. I lent rolled them then I noticed spots so I mixed dawn, baking soda and vinegar and started cleaning them. My was head throbbing; my joints were aching. Several times, I asked myself, “Why am I like this?” But I couldn’t stop.

Before I knew it, I was in the garage searching for the right hardware to join the two chairs together. I pulled out the drill, joined them and began searching through fabric to find something to cover them. I can’t stop when my brain is telling me to go.

Fortunately, I got to a place where I was able to lie down before I had totally wrecked my body like I had the week before. I laid down and did a self- talk until I convinced myself that it was better to aggravate my migraine by writing than it was to do physical work- so here we are.

Hi! 🙂