Who is ExhaustedMomMelanie?

You may see my posts pop up on your social media feed because someone you follow liked or shared it. Whether you loved the information or not, a person’s reaction to someone telling them how to do something– and rightfully so– is, “Who is this person and what do *they* know?!”

So exactly who is this “Exhausted Mom Melanie” who seems to have opinion on everything from finances to child-rearing?

I first want to say, I don’t ever want people to feel like I’m telling them what to do. I consider myself an expert homemaker and a parenting expert because…well, I am, but I never presume to tell people what to do. Consider me your hyper-active, chatty, over-sharing acquaintance you got stuck next to at a party only better because you can choose to scroll on by any post you want.

Consider me your hyper-active, chatty, over-sharing acquaintance you got stuck next to at a party

My husband, kids and friends will tell you: I have ALWAYS been the thank you card lady, the Pinterest style party planner before there was Pinterest lady, the themed classroom lady, the lady who made that dish/ dessert at pot-lucks, the organize anything lady, the plan the vacation itinerary and activities lady, the coupon and deals lady, the do more with less lady, the you don’t need to pay someone to do that lady, the “yep! I built that, not my husband” lady…

Anything I write about or sell are things

I’ve been passionate about for years

I’ve been married for 25 years to the man I dated while we were in high school. We’re still attracted to each other and love spending time together. We are partners in crime and business but I don’t like to refer to romantic relationships as partnerships or teams. I’m a mom of 4. We have 3 daughters and a son. My eldest is a daughter who attended culinary school, my second daughter graduated from college with a degree in finance, my son is a hardware and software engineer who works for a major corporation here in St. Louis, and my youngest daughter is still high school age.

I’m used to people questioning my age.

Yes. The picture above is a current picture

My educational journey was a little non-traditional. Because I got married and had kids while still in college, I took semesters off here and there and I eventually changed my whole career path. I worked various food service, retail and technical support jobs while I worked towards my degrees. My plan was always to be a business lawyer. I went to business school, joined all the right professional associations and even worked at the law school at the university I attended. While getting my business degree, I took university level visual and preforming arts classes to feed my creativity. So, when I decided to change my graduate school plans and go for my Master’s degree in Education instead of going to Law School, it only made sense for me to take the classes I needed to qualify for certification as a Spanish, Art and Theatre teacher. (many teachers simply attempt to take and pass certification tests with little or no experience in those areas. I am actually a content area expert in Spanish, Art and Theatre.) I have lifetime teacher certification in Missouri. 

I’m a skilled artist, a teacher, I speak and read

multiple languages fluently or in part

For 10 years I worked as a Spanish, Art, and Theatre teacher (sometimes one at a time, sometimes teaching sections of two or all three). I worked at all levels in Missouri and Florida before deciding that the abuse from coworkers and parents was not worth my energy. (I have very strong opinions about what the problems are with the US Educational System but that’s for another time.)

While teaching, I worked as a contractor for my favorite computer company. I excelled at this but I didn’t love it. After I left teaching, I started tutoring students in Spanish, ACT and SAT prep. My daughter and I also cleaned houses. But the bulk of my time after leaving full-time work went into what I love- homemaking and art.

Since I was 21, we have owned our homes (with short, strategic stints of renting). When we bought our first house, my realtor called it a starter home but I honestly thought we’d be there forever. With great homeownership comes maintenance and renovations. I quickly learned that buying and renovating a home is an investment decision that can reap huge returns.

I have used my business and art background, and specifically my drafting knowledge, as well as my building skills I learned in theatre to be involved in every aspect of increasing the value of our homes. I like to think of myself as an amateur version of both Property Brothers meets every southern cook and baker on the Food Network. I will make detailed plans and budgeting for a full house remodel, make cute crew t-shirts, bling hard hats, work the remodel with you, AND make you dinner and dessert!

I like to talk about things I know. I love to do

basically anything that involves

creating and building.

I’d LOVE to consult with you online or

in person on a creative project!

In 2020, we moved back to St. Louis from Florida and we bought a 5 unit apartment building. That year, my husband restarted a landscaping/ hardscaping business and a logistics company. In the 4th quarter of 2021 I started ExhaustedMomM and I started running an AirBnb that I expect to discontinue in either 2022 or 2023. I invite you to come along with me on my journeys.

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