“Not Dishwasher Safe” Doesn’t Mean Cheap

One of the inconvenient truths of life is that often beautiful things are delicate. Think of fine china. If we’re lucky, we can have something beautiful that we can use; like china. The balance is that even though we use the beautiful thing, we know we need to treat it delicately. We wouldn’t call fineContinue reading ““Not Dishwasher Safe” Doesn’t Mean Cheap”

You Keep Saying This Word…

What does it mean?! Sublimation is a form of heat transfer where dye transitions from solid and gas without going through a liquid stage. Modern sublimation has been used for over 70 years. Sublimation has greater durability than other methods of imprinting words or images not a product; a shirt, cup, hat… Customers are familiarContinue reading “You Keep Saying This Word…”