I Have You Covered

The other day, I tweeted about how I go a little overboard when I decorate sometimes. I joked that I’m resisting bejeweling my television in my bedroom.

While we can all agree that bejeweling a tv would definitely be over the top, I have considered options that would make the tv less prominent in the past. I’ve seen televisions disguised as paintings and framed like artwork. but I’ve never undertaken resurfacing a tv before.

I have, however, covered a DVD player with vinyl to fit in with my decor. Let me explain.

My previous color of my bedroom was a light, beachy green with white accents. My dresser, that all of the electronics are on, is white. I had the same black tv that I’ve been trying to ignore, a black dvd player, and a silver Blu-ray disk player. The silver fit in fine but the black dvd player really bothered me so I did the only reasonable thing- I got white contact paper and I covered it. When I tell you it was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done…

Is covering electronics over the top?

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