Is It Exhaustion Or Lack Of Motivation?

Today I found myself struggling to tackle something that had been lingering for awhile. When I redecorated my bedroom, I threw a bunch of stuff from my room into my tub to get it out of the way. I purged A LOT as I was emptying out my bedroom. I promised myself that as I was reloading it, I would not put anything back in my room that I didn’t have a specific place for.

All of the stuff that I wanted to put back in my room that I had a specific place for was put back quickly so I could enjoy it. The problem was the stray crap that really needed to go in the trash or stuff that I will need at some point but I just don’t want to deal with right now. The clutter had only been in the tub for about two weeks but I saw it every time I went into my bathroom and I felt so guilty but I didn’t have the desire to sort through it.

Today, something occurred to me. I do this a fair amount. I can totally start something but it seems like I burn out before I totally finish it. It can be something as simple as a stack of papers I said I would sort through, a sewing project, or a redo of a room in my house. I get to the point to where I’m just tired of doing whatever it is before I finish. It could be when I get to a difficult place in the process but not always; I love a challenge.

It’s not even that I put a project down then do nothing. I will start another project!

I realized this before with sewing. My solution has been to start something far enough in advance of when I need it that I can walk away from it for days or weeks. However, with something like organization or redecorating, what I need is to finish.

Obviously, sometimes I stop because I’m in pain or exhausted for days but sometimes, it’s just lack of motivation.

Since I caught myself not cleaning out my tub for no other reason than not being motivated to, I forced myself to do it. Do you know I also most stopped with three things in the tub?! I caught myself walking away and I demanded I decide what to do with those last three items! 

Tub cleared out! [rubs hands together in satisfaction]