Warranty and Return Policy

Thank you for your interest in products and services from ExhaustedMomM (Exhausted Mom Melanie). All products sold on ExhaustedMomM.com are first and foremost, functional art. Unless otherwise noted no product is warranteed for use by children or indelicate adults.

Digital Products

Digital products are non-refundable.

Licence: The author grants the purchaser a non-exclusive right to view this content an unlimited number of times, solely on devices the purchaser owns and solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, you may not gift, sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sub-license or otherwise assign any rights to this ebook/content. Please keep track of your file. Additional free downloads are not available if lost.

Other Products

Because most products are handmade, they will never appear the same as machine made product. The products will have visible differences and inconsistencies between like product to like product, perhaps even flaws. This is normal and this is what makes your handmade product uniquely yours. If you have any questions about how items are made, please see the How It’s Made videos and the product care pages, and the ordering process details page.  

You have ordered a very special keepsake that you are no doubt eagerly anticipating. Great time and care goes into each item produced with that in mind. ExhaustedMomM (Exhausted Mom Melanie) personally makes, monitors and inspects all products through every phase of manufacturing. Products are checked to ensure minimal flaws and no flaws that would affect the life of the product if used as directed. All items are presumed meltable, malleable or breakable and are therefore not warranteed or guaranteed to be otherwise. The products go through final inspection, are counted, and verified to all be included before packaging.

Because I take countless hours to create each piece of art, items are packaged in a way to minimize the chance of damage in shipping and labeled “delicate” to ensure as much care as possible is given. 

Lost or Damaged Packages

ExhaustedMomM (Exhausted Mom Melanie) does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

We care about the way your packages arrive to you so if you do not receive a package or you receive a damaged product, please notify us here. after following the process below.

If you do not receive a package, packages are not guaranteed by USPS if it was shipped more than 45 days before reporting it missing. (sometimes the USPS website may change this date to 90 days or even 120 days) Generally, any documentation of the shipments and any ability to file a claim to recover a loss for damage or loss is lost after 45 days. The principal is to report lost or damaged packages immediately and without delay. Start here for suspected lost products.

Damaged items are doubtlessly heartbreaking. Should you receive an item in a damaged package, please document the damage to the package before opening. Then, please carefully inspect each part of your order and document any damage. Then report the damage here.

Should you receive an item damaged, please carefully inspect each part of your order and document any damage. Then report the damage here.


Exhausted Mom Melanie is keenly aware that all of her products are purchased for their very personal nature. Customer satisfaction is of the foremost concern for Exhausted Mom Melanie.

Refunds are only given before the manufacturing of a physical product begins. Because each item is custom made, items are generally not re- sellable or may only be resold for a fraction of the price.

Before manufacturing begins on an item, Exhausted Mom Melanie or a member of her team will reach out to you to verify your selections. Be assured that the items you receive will be created to your specific request. Please check your email and be available for questions until we have confirmed your selections. Any delay in your response will delay your shipment.

If an item is delayed due to lack of response to clarifying questions, a refund will not be given.


Please see Lost or Damaged Packages. Please never send a package to the return address on your package without contacting Exhausted Mom Melanie.

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