About the Ordering Process

Most items sold on ExhaustedMomM.com are handmade after a custom order is place. Most items do not have default, ready to ship options. If they do, they will be labeled Ready To Ship.

If you would like to make customizations to a ready to ship item, you will need to first select the appropriate customization for the item by visiting https://exhaustedmomm.com/product-category/customization/ and choosing from the drop down menu then adding the option to your cart. At check out, you will add your desired customizations to the “order notes” field. If the customizations you would like are not available, you can email contact@exhaustedmomm.com with your request. If your request is possible, we will reply with purchasing instructions.

The first step to beginning your custom design is placing the order for the item(s) listed on the site and paying for it (them).

We will not begin the design process (answer multiple “what if” questions or send samples) before an item is paid for. This ensures we are not delaying the completion of paid orders we already have.

Before manufacturing begins on an item, Melanie or a member of her team will reach out to you to verify your selections. In the first message, we will tell you which details need to be decided on to complete your order. We will ask as many questions as are needed to ensure we understand exactly what you want. If needed, we will send color or design samples and get approval of designs and fonts before manufacturing begins.

How long does it take to get my customized order?

A customized item ordered today will ship out n a week or less! If you have supplied all of the information I need to complete your order, and I have all of the supplies on hand, I can make, cure and ship your order in 2 business days!

Please check your email and be available for questions until we have confirmed your selections. Any delay in your response will delay your shipment.

It takes countless hours to create each piece of art.

All items are made and cured in a climate controlled, low dust, pet-free studio.

ExhaustedMomMelanie personally makes, monitors and inspects all products throughout every phase of manufacturing. Often with molded items, that means altering sleep patterns so that an item can be monitored.

Products are checked to ensure minimal flaws and no flaws that would affect the life of the product if used as directed.

Because products are handmade, they will never appear the same as machine made product. The products will have visible differences and inconsistencies between like products. You may perhaps even notice flaws. This is normal and this is what makes your handmade product uniquely yours.

There is a standard for deviation that Melanie will accept. After the item is made, they are given a final inspection to check color and quality. Not all items make it through each inspection. If an item that belongs in a set or group is found to be lacking acceptable coloring or quality, usually, your whole order will have to be remade.

If your piece is handmade of acrylic (resin), it must cure for 24-48 hours before shipping.

After your items pass final inspection, they are counted, and verified to all be included before packaging and shipping.

Your ExhaustedMomM.com purchase will last for years, if not a lifetime, if cared for properly. Please see care instructions for your items.