Closet Sneak Peek

One of the features of my patreon at the “Spit Takes, Stress and House Progress” level, is sharing our renovation journey at our home we bought in 2020. Below is a little sample:

My closet is actually the sunroom/ bedroom of the adjacent first floor apartment. To the left is a one corner of the room immediately after the new windows were installed. To the right is the same corner after I restocked my closet.

My closet basically has four layers; Overhead storage, hanging garments, drawer storage, and storage on top of the drawers.

My overhead storage consists of clear storage boxes so that I can easily see what’s in the boxes. Those generally include unseasonal clothing and clothing I love but don’t currently wear.

My hanging garments are clothes that I wear often and that would traditionally be hung.

On top of the drawers I generally keep items in boxes (some clear, some opaque). These items vary. but the white box to the left of the filled closet picture has tights. I have 4 drawer units in this photo but there are a total of 6 drawer units in the closet. You will notice my drawers are different colors in this picture. The reason is because I had previously put contact paper on a drawer unit that was in my bedroom. I reorganized my drawers and moved some of those into the closet.

For a a buying guide with links to the products I use, more in depth description of how I organize my drawers and to see the full restocking/ reorganizing of my closet after the new windows were put in, become a patron.

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