Naturally Beautiful

I made these prior to the slap heard around the world. Those of you know know me know that I *struggle* with alopecia.

Because of it, I cut my hair very short every couple of years.

Hair loss is very emotional for women because her beauty is often tied to her hair. I don’t attribute any length or texture of hair to beauty but some days I feel beautiful with my short, curly hair and some days my short hair is just a reminder that I have an illness that a isn’t being properly treated.

My appearance is not a reflection of my personal beliefs in beauty standards; my appearance is just that- “a look.”

I create art with women of many different looks. I created these pieces not for any political reason or any moral belief about how a woman styles her hair. I created these pieces because we should be able to feel beautiful as we are. We should not have be subjected to scrutiny because of our hair.

While I do feel scrutinized, at times, when I wear my hair straight, wearing our hair straight is socially acceptable. Wearing our hair natural is not.

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