Grab Your No Spend Tracker!

In February, we’ll be celebrating Frugal February. I’ll talk about budgeting, different savings methods, and getting a handle on frivolous spending.

What’s a better way to do a budget reset than a cleanse?! While we discuss how to get you on a budget and saving money, we’re going to pause all unnecessary spending! Yes! I said we because I’m doing it too!

Who’s with me?!

Ok. Ok. I know some of you need guidelines to decide whether you’re in or not. Well, never fear! On Monday, January 24th, I will post a Prep For Frugal February list so that you can plan for your no spend month.

Now who’s in?!

In the meantime, grab your No Spend Tracker. Who likes free stuff?!

For more information on why you need to do the “no spend” for at least a month, see my post about goals.

Great! Download this and I’ll see you Monday!

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