When Your Piles Have Piles

Do you ever wish you can put your finger on that one piece of paper for that one thing you got that one time?

Mastering the art of great filing can make your life so much simpler! Unfortunately, many people just don’t know how to start so they  just label a file folder “work,” for instance, and start stuffing all papers they get from their jobs in the folder. Or worse; they toss papers and receipts into a box and before they know it, they’re searching through hundreds of papers of all sizes when they need something. Or worse, they haphazardly leave papers all over their home and they go on a full Carmen San Diego mission to find something. 

Full disclosure: By nature, I’m a piler so I’m kind of the second example but since I’m responsible for so many other people, I force myself to go through my piles when they fall over as I walk by or whenever I have the energy, whichever comes first. By doing this, I rarely find myself into a situation where I can’t find something. I follow my strict filing method.

Why? So that I can find things when I need them. So that my life isn’t complete chaos. So that I am less stressed and exhausted.

Sadly, many people try to stay organized and they put papers in file folders only to realize they can’t quickly find what they filed. This can be frustrating and discouraging. The key to successful filing is to know where something should be, how long to keep it, and when it’s safe to let it go.

Well, call me your exhausted expert filing friend because I have 2 filing kits that can help you! I have written down all of my filing procedures so that you can duplicate it for yourself. I have a kit for filing all of your important papers and a kit for filing your child’s k-12 papers. Both include guides to suggest how to organize your files that serve as a map to finding papers if you forget and notes on how to keep your files organized. The Exhausted File Kit tells you when it’s safe to throw something out. As an adoring mom, I’d NEVER suggest what of your child’d is ok to throw out so I don’t go there.  Though my eldest is now 23, I still have my children’s boxes with all of their school work and artwork, as well as other memorabilia. 

If you’d like my help, check out my products.

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