Make the Most of Your Candles

I LOVE candles! And I love candle warmers! My last set of candles lasted 4 YEARS! They still had scent but I must admit the scents were waning. But would a burning candle last 4 years if you burned it for hours each day? I doubt it.

If you want long lasting candle smell without wick problems, I highly suggest candle warmers. I have no less than 7 candles on warmers throughout my house.

After years of using candle warmers, I got a couple wifi timers. Wifi timers are great for creating bursts of scent but they can be expensive. After buying a manual timer for my living room light, I decided to buy several manual timers for my warmers. Manual timers are a fraction of the price of wifi timers and they work just as well.

I’m so excited about this idea I wanted to share it with you.