Personalized 2 Quart Glass Oven Bakeware


Glass Oven Bakeware

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We jokingly call this “anti-Judy” or “no Judy” dishes. Judy represents that friend or family member who always seems to keep your dishes and claims emphatically that they belong to them.

Your personalized bakeware will be one of two major oven/ dishwasher/ microwave safe brands. The etching does not affect the oven/ dishwasher/ microwave safe qualities.

With these personalized dishes, you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the dishes are yours once and for all. These make great wedding and housewarming gifts.

You can choose from available messages or select a custom message.


Additional information

Dish Etching

Made with love by [name], Monogram split by last name, Return to: [name], Simple Monogram, Simple name, the secret ingredient is love, [last name] est. [wedding date]