Acrylic Calendar Keychain


Acrylic Calendar pendant

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Never forget another important day again! This is a great way to commemorate days you’ll never forget!

These acrylic calendar pendants are one of my favorite items. They are about 1″ square which makes them easy to read but also the perfect size so that they don’t get snagged if you choose to put it on a keychain and they’re not too bulky so it can be worn as a necklace.

The dynamic quality of acrylic is the glass appearance that it is shatterproof and versatile. It can be colored and even filled with decorations. The piece is a beautiful addition to a your jewelry collection or as a special gift to mark a memory.

Please make sure to include your requests for personalization at check out in the “order notes” field. Be sure to specify the day, month, and year of your special date. Let me know whether you’d like a heart or a circle around the date and the color of the circle/heart. You may also add a short message like, “I do!” or “I became a mom” or a child’s name or something else.