Acrylic Checkers


Acrylic Checker available in various color options

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**website is glitching: please indicate your color choices in order notes.**

Acrylic checker game; board and 32 checkers. The board is 10.25 inches square and chips are 1 inch in diameter.
The dynamic quality of acrylic is the glass appearance that it is shatterproof and versatile. It can be colored and even filled with decorations. The piece is great for everyday play but beautiful enough to sit on a table as a decoration or as a special gift to mark a memory.

The standard board is alternating clear and frosted spaces on the board with clear and frosted checkers. It can be customized with 2 alternating colors with 16 of each color checkers or with a board that features a picture or your company’s logo or with your favorite sports team.

Board colors available:black, white, gray, frosted clear, clear, gold, silver, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, and purple. Please indicate your color choices in order notes.

You can add a name to the game board with sku PerNGB

You can add a gift message to the game board with sku PerGM

You can add a initials to the game board with sku PerIGB

You can add a picture to the game board with sku PerPGB

You can add a picture to the checkers with sku PerPGP

*You can add a combination of several pictures, words or messages to the covers, even custom pages with sku PerComplex

Please read the information about charges associated with adding complex customization


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Board Color 1

Black, Blue, Clear, Gold, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

Board Color 2

Charcoal, Frosted Clear, Glitter Blue, Glitter Clear, Glitter Red, Glitter Silver, Glitter Yellow, Light Green, Light Purple, Magenta, Pale Yellow, Peachy Pink, Pink

Game Piece Color

Black- Glitter, Black- Translucent, Black- Transparent, Clear, Frosted Clear, Glitter Clear, Green- Opaque, Green- Opaque Glitter, Green- Translucent, Green- Translucent Glitter, Green- Transparent, Orange- Opaque, Orange- Opaque Glitter, Orange- Translucent, Orange- Translucent Glitter, Orange- Transparent, Pink- Opaque, Pink- Opaque Glitter, Pink- Translucent, Pink- Translucent Glitter, Pink- Transparent, Purple- Opaque, Purple- Opaque Glitter, Purple- Translucent, Purple- Translucent Glitter, Purple- Transparent, Red- Opaque, Red- Opaque Glitter, Red- Translucent, Red- Translucent Glitter, Red- Transparent, White- Opaque, White- Opaque Glitter, White- Translucent, White- Translucent Glitter, White- Transparent, Yellow- Opaque, Yellow- Opaque Glitter, Yellow- Translucent, Yellow- Translucent Glitter, Yellow- Transparent

Game Piece Color 2

Black- Transparent, Blue- Transparent, Frosted Clear, Gray- Translucent, Green- Transparent, Orange- Transparent, Pink- Transparent, Purple- Transparent, Red- Transparent, White- Translucent, Yellow- Transparent