This Is Where The Magic Happens

my studio

Prior to renovating this storage space in my basement, I used my kitchen, my sitting room, and even my walk-in closet in my bedroom as work areas. After receiving several orders last year, I quickly realized I needed more space than those areas allowed me. Most of the furniture in my new studio space was repurposed from furniture I’ve had for years or that someone else was throwing away. I’m going to blog about that.

These 2 walls are the view I see most as I work at my main design table. I like to have the tv on for background noise when I work alone I also have a comfortable chair in case someone wants to hang out with me while I work.

This is my main design table. I decided to make it 30″ off the floor so that I could comfortably work either standing or on a bar stool.

The supplies I use most often are within my reach as I work. Against the wall in font of my design table I have my printers and the papers I need for them.

My design table is held up by 2 30″ bookshelves. The one on the far side has snacks, waters and other supplies that I may need but I’m not constantly reaching for.

The bookshelf that’s facing out has all of my molds for making products out of resin. In order to maintain the shape and prolong the life of the molds they need to lay flat. I added extra shelves made of foam core board. In true Melanie fashion, I have the molds organized by type so that I can find them quickly.

One of my favorite additions to my design table is my logo made of vinyl and stickers I made.

Behind my main table is this narrow table that I use mostly to cure my resin products. It is made very similarly to my main table with 30″ shelves as the base to hold the table top. The shelves are used to hold supplies I use often. I absolutely LOVE my wall of windows. The hot pink curtains are the reason why pictures taken in this room often look pink.

Here’s a picture of my curtains closed. I used my heat press to customize these store-bought gray curtains. They have my work emoji that i used on my table, my logo, and some key phrases that I love.

In this picture and the one above, you can see my custom clock that I made for myself.