Freezer Contents Printable

Freezers are so impractical…and cold! How many times have you searched and searched in your freezer only to find that what you’re looking for isn’t there?

Or how many times have you looked for something, not find it, and bought more only to find it was there all along and now it’s freezer burned?

What I do is I put a freezer contents sheet in a magnetized picture frame on my freezer. Inside the frame, I can write on the glass with a dry erase marker to change the information. You could also do this with a sheet protector.

I hope this helps you!

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Pack Early, Check Often

I can’t think if I’m under pressure. Like…not at all. My brain freezes. So I start packing early.

I consider myself an expert level packer. One thing experts have to remember is to continue to learn and improve.

The first of the year, we are going to spend two weeks with my in-laws to check on them and to start moving some of our daughter’s items home because she is going into her last semester of college. I began gathering my outfits more than two months ago. I lay them all out and figured out what items I needed to complete the outfits and ordered those. When they came in, I put them with the clothes.

I gathered all of my toiletries at that time too. I organized my different categories of items into separate storage boxes.

Last week, I started focusing on making sure I had matching earrings for each outfit; making the ones I needed.

This weekend, I started actually packing my clothes. Before I put the clothes into the suitcase, I like to take a picture of the complete outfit; clothes, shoes, earrings, and head coverings.

Then I put the jewelry into snack bags and the whole set of clothes into a large storage bag or I put the outfit on a hanger and I staple the accessories bag to the hanger that the outfit is on. I hang more than one outfit on each hanger. I put the lightest color fabrics on the hangers first then I cover them with darker items. I hang the shorter clothes on the bottom hanger and the longer ones on the top. Then I pass the top hanger hook through a garment bag.

I use a multi clothes hanger similar to this

…well that’s what I used to do.

About 7 outfits into packing, I decided I’d been doing it all wrong. I took EVERYTHING out of the bags and I grabbed my vacuum sealer. I know there are brands that market their bags for vacuum sealing luggage, I used my regular, kitchen vacuum sealer.

I used the largest bags that my sealer can take. I carefully folded or rolled the clothes then vacuum sealed each outfit (minus the shoes) that way.

One benefit to doing this is that many dresses I would normally put on a hanger to prevent wrinkling in a suitcase can be kept from wrinkling by vacuum sealing them. This doesn’t work for all of my hanging clothes but I wear a lot of clothes that have natural crinkles and fabrics that won’t wrinkle as long as they’re flat.

Another obvious benefit is that more clothes fit into my suitcase even though I have more clothes in the suitcase.

On the far left, my peach outfit shown above is in a vacuum bag. Below on the right is another example; a black, pleated dress and the rest of the outfit vacuum sealed. Notice I took less air out of the crinkled dress outfit because I don’t want my organza shrug to get wrinkled.

I even put the undergarments and jewelry in these bags. I protect the jewelry by placing it in the cup area of the bras before placing them in the bags.

Two weeks of outfits fit in one side of my suitcase. this frees up space for the inevitable extra items we always bring back from trips.

The multi clothes hanger is still coming but it will no longer be overloaded. I still put the shorter items on the lower hangers and the longer ones on top and put that into a garment bag, but my garment bag will be a lot lighter than it has been on previous tips.

I’ll also need to carry less additional bags because there is more room in my suitcase. I’ve already decided that some of my free space will be taken up by bringing my vacuum sealer so I can repack for the return home the same way. Vacuum sealing will help keep my luggage fresher o the return home as well.

One would think that even with all of this prep and planning, I would be done. I’m not. I have a habitual need to check things so I will be revisiting my suitcase. Part of this is out of the fear that i will forget something that I really need or that I won’t anticipate a need. I try to offset the desire to completely pull my packing apart by documenting what I have wit pictures and lists.

More packing tips to come as I continue to prepare for my trip.

Beware of Scams That Target Small Businesses

Whenever my friends invite me to small eateries, I seriously but jokingly say, “I like to eat at places I know there’s a corporation I can sue if there’s a problem.” I occasionally make exceptions but this is my personal policy. You see, I went to business school and I find that my rudimentary knowledge of businesses has cause me to be somewhat overcautious. But, honestly, I’d rather be overcautious than sorry.

One of the trademarks of our current climate is distrust for large corporations and the tendency for people to take chances on newer, smaller businesses. One one hand, I wouldn’t have a business without a moderate amount of confidence in small businesses. But on the other hand, I have to vet who I use for not only my personal needs, but also my business needs.

I just watched a special on Hulu The Housewife & the Shah Shocker. To say the least, I am deeply disturbed. I will not speculate about whether Jen Shah is innocent or guilty. My concern is that I do my part to help spread vital awareness for small business owners.

As laid out in the Hulu/ ABC special, there are criminals who prey on the way people tend to trust small unverified sources. These people use the internet and the data you revel and allow access to against you.

In this time of social media influencers demonstrating they can get rich quick from selling products or even just their personality to get a music or acting career, malicious people pose as successful social media influencers, marketing experts, and successful business owners offering advice.

Twenty years ago, I could have never predicted the success and popularity of this gig economy. With the loss of inexpensive education, job security and pensions our grandparents had, people genuinely need work. Many work in terrible work conditions, have illnesses that limit their ability to work, or have childcare concerns that all affect their ability to work a 40 hour work week. Many desire to become successful quickly, quickly solve financial problems or change their  current situation. 

All of these lead to desperation.

This is what scammers prey on.

I have many friends like me who own small businesses in addition to or instead of working at a traditional job. It’s very likely I know someone who has been scammed.

What people don’t understand…what I didn’t understand is that the way people become victim to as scam is so much more complex than one scammer getting lucky and taking money from someone. It’s way more insidious.

You may simply apply for a work at home job or answer an ad for assistance building a website or pay someone who promises followers on social media or maybe you just post your idea or product online. Criminals spend whole work days trolling social media looking for people to target. They call it lead generation. (On that note, be careful answering ads to work as a lead generator. They pay well but you are at least a scammer that is providing information to criminals and at most, you will be asked to engage in criminal activity.) After you respond to one ad or pay for one service, they sell your information over and over to people who will relentlessly suggest goods and services to you. you may feel lucky that opportunities are falling into place for you. Before you know it, you are spending money you don’t have.

Investigators and prosecutors from the special say you should not feel ashamed. If one person reads this and sits down and reassesses how they are “building their business” or realizes that they are a lead generator helping to prey o others and stops, I will feel like I’ve helped.

 If you read this and or watch the special and still try these schemes thinking your outcome will be different, you should know you have done this to yourself.

So what can you do? 

Start your business knowing you will have to grind and build slowly. 

Make connections. 

-Ask friends and family to promote your business for you. 

-Ask friends and family if they can help or know people who can help with skills that you need but don’t have. (Don’t use online services. You have no idea who is on the other end.)

If friends or family suggests you use an online service or sends you an online ad for a service, or they suggest you get involved in a multi level marketing company in order to supplement your income, decline in a way that you feel comfortable.

If you post about your business or idea, don’t respond to social media comments that offer help. In fact, block them. They didn’t come upon your post by chance, they are searching the social media platform for “leads.”

These criminals prey on an environment like the one we are in. People trust small, unverified sources over big business. If you do decide to seek help with some aspect of you business building, use big corporations that are well known. But be careful- scammers use names that sound like familiar, stalwarts so that you believe their business is established, tried and true. As much as we’ve heard about how terrible Facebook is, you are more secure paying facebook directly to run ads rather than some small company that says they will run ads on Facebook. 

The last thing you must know- Once you have actively started to promote your new business, expect calls and emails…do not answer them. Get really used to sending unsolicited calls and emails to spam or and blocking them. Consider having a google number for your business and an email account just for your business. Regardless, do not answer emails or calls, return calls or clink on email links from companies you don’t know. If you think a contact is legitimate, google the phone number and call the company from the published phone number, don’t just “call back” the number that called you. For mail, I never trust the name that appears in the “from” field. I carefully click on the name (nothing else) and the email will reveal the full email address. If the email didn’t come directly from the server of the company that claim to be contacting you from, delete it.

PLEASE be careful.

Free Password Tracking Page

This is a page from my digital and printed planners as a free gift to you. Enjoy!

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Make the Most of Your Candles

I LOVE candles! And I love candle warmers! My last set of candles lasted 4 YEARS! They still had scent but I must admit the scents were waning. But would a burning candle last 4 years if you burned it for hours each day? I doubt it.

If you want long lasting candle smell without wick problems, I highly suggest candle warmers. I have no less than 7 candles on warmers throughout my house.

After years of using candle warmers, I got a couple wifi timers. Wifi timers are great for creating bursts of scent but they can be expensive. After buying a manual timer for my living room light, I decided to buy several manual timers for my warmers. Manual timers are a fraction of the price of wifi timers and they work just as well.

I’m so excited about this idea I wanted to share it with you.