Engraved Writing Practice Boards


8″ x 10″ Engraved Acrylic Writing Practice Boards


These 8″x10″ acrylic writing practice boards are perfect for your child to practice their fine motor skills and eventually learn to write. Each board is stage appropriate.

Your child can start by practicing tracing the patterns on the pattern practice board with their finger. This board has the building blocks for letter strokes. As they grow older, they can use a dry erase marker to trace the boards.

The next board has print letters with the strokes numbered.

There is also a print letters without the strokes numbered.

After mastering print, your child can move on to cursive practice

This series also features practice boards for your child to practice:

-writing their name. I engrave the name in print 5 times with lines much like the letter practice boards.

-writing their address and 2 phone numbers. I engrave their name, street number and name, city and state and zip code then use the last 2 lines to engrave up to 2 custom phone numbers.  This one is also in print much like the letter practice boards.

-writing days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons on the practice lines.

-writing writing shapes and colors on the practice lines.

The boards are shatterproof and and child safe. Please note, though, that while I use a thinner material so that they can stand u to use and abuse, they are breakable.


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