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My Discounted/Opps products are generally products created to experiment with new methods or products that I deemed defective and inadequate to complete an order. As much as I strive to only send my best products, I also hate wasting resources. There products are an opportunity to help save waste from a landfill.

While many of these may appear perfectly fine and usable to someone else, I scrutinize every handmade piece I ship in an order. Some of the items listed are visibly defective but I deemed them not so bad that I should toss them. The most common defect is air bubbles. “Excessive air bubbles” are usually due to me noticing another defect then determining the piece is not worth continuing to remove the air bubbles. Air bubbles do not affect the durability of the product. A couple components are noted to have “more flex than desirable,” if flexing affects the durability, I do not sell the item; it is tossed. Please refer to the product care page and the original, custom order page of the product(if available). Please thoroughly read the description of each item and scrutinize the included pictures before purchasing as none of the items are returnable.

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oops products

21 black variation checkers, 21 charcoal checkers, 21 clear checkers (same mold), 21 green checkers, 21 peach checkers, beachy outlet cover, blue bow keychain, checkerboard, clear ampersand, clear connect4, clear flexing scrabble board, clear scrabble board, clear scrabble tile set, glitter white keychain baseball, glitter white keychain baseball diamond, glitter white keychain basketball, glitter white keychain football, gray mr and mrs, green bookmark, green class of 22 keychain, green notebook, handwriting practice, I love you pendant, mom keychain black, green, white, orange bow keychain, orange ribbon keychain, orange/clear connect4, peach/clear cupcake, pink class of 22 keychain, tic tac toe pieces