Customization- please choose carefully


Add additional personalization to any item to mark any special occasion

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Add additional personalization to any item to mark any special occasion

You will have an opportunity to include your requests for personalization at check out in the “order notes” field.

 Please take care to ensure you order the correct customization(s) for the correct item or items in your cart. The easiest way to ensure this is to put customizations in your cart by following the link in the item listing.

Please take care to ensure you only order customization options available for the specific product you are ordering. Not all similar items have the same customization options available.

 You will be invoiced for the difference if request customizations you have not paid for or if you choose the incorrect customization with a lower price. Please assist us in getting orders to customers in a timely fashion by carefully choosing your customizations and making sure your customization requests are complete.

 You will not be refunded for the purchase of any items that require customization. Should you choose to decline customization or you erroneously order a customization, you will not be refunded.

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bling diamond enhancement, Complex Embellishment on Sign/ Calendar (you will be invoiced), Detail painting, Gift message on item, gold ring enhancement, Initials on Game Board, Initials on Game Pieces, Initials on Sticker(1 per set), Message on Sticker(1 message per set), Multiple Names/ Pictures on Book or Planner (you will be invoiced), Name on Book or Planner (1 on cover), Name on Cup, Name on Game board, Name on Sign/ Calendar 1" to 3", Name on Sign/ Calendar up to 1", Name on Sticker(1 name per set), Picture on Book or Planner (1 on cover), Picture on Game Board, Picture on Game Pieces, Picture on Sticker(1 picture per set), Rhinestones on Canvas Art (you will be invoiced), Rhinestones on Dominoes, Rhinestones on Table Art, silver ring enhancement