Custom Acrylic Closet Divider


Custom Acrylic Closet Divider


Custom Acrylic Closet Dividers are a stylish way to keep your closet organized. Use them to separate clothes

  • by size for a growing young child

  • by name for children who share a closet

  • by clothing type to help sort clothes in a large closet

  • these can also be used in commercial applications

These acrylic closet dividers hangers are functional art. The tabs with pictures are a great way to help a small child keep their closer organized.

They make beautiful gifts for an exhausted mom or a friend who has expressed a desire to organize their closets. They are as durable as they are sturdy so they can be used regularly. Names, sizes, and envelopes the clothing item pictures are removable unless embedding is requested so you can reuse the divider.*

*** The dividers can be made in virtually any color so color is NOT an order option. Please select your spacer opacity and  be sure to specify your desired color at check out in the “order notes” field. If you do not specify a color, your spacers will be made clear or frosted clear. Please be alert for an email within 1-2 business days of your order.

When ordering be sure to specify your desired wording or initials in “order notes.”
You can have your name, size or initials embedded into the acrylic with sku PerNB (add once for up to 5 dividers)
You can add a custom picture on the divider with sku PerPB
You can request new labels for your dividers for a nominal fee by emailing .

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Opaque, Translucent, Transparent

spacer design

blank, blouse clip art, dress clip art, jacket clip art, pants clip art, set of 5-specify in notes, shirt clip art, shorts clip art, skirt clip art, sweater clip art

spacer tab

initial on tab, name on tab, none, size on tab