Naturally Beautiful Mug/ Tumbler


Naturally Beautiful Mug/ Tumbler


It’s only taken 246 years for the US government to *consider* legally protecting a Black woman’s right to wear her hair in it’s natural state with out discrimination. Celebrate the natural beauty of Black hair with a personalized mug. These make great gifts for the Black woman in your life. The customized mug has about an 11 ounce capacity. The customized stainless steel tumbler has about an 19 ounce capacity.

Because this mug/ tumbler is sublimated, it is machine washable! (Optional rhinestones are not machine-wash recommended)

What is sublimation?

Black rhinestones are added to silhouette to create a textured hair affect. (See Braided bun with rhinestone)

-Choose between 4 hairstyles

Additional information

NB styles

Rhinestone Big Bun Mug, Rhinestone Big Bun Tumbler, Rhinestone Braided Bun Mug, Rhinestone Braided Bun Tumbler, Rhinestone Fro Mug, Rhinestone Fro Tumbler, Rhinestone Frock Mug, Rhinestone Frock Tumbler, Sublimated Big Bun Mug, Sublimated Big Bun Tumbler, Sublimated Braided Bun Mug, Sublimated Braided Bun Tumbler, Sublimated Fro Mug, Sublimated Fro Tumbler, Sublimated Frock Mug, Sublimated Frock Tumbler